Module 8: Advanced Interpretation Training


In this 2 hour module, we will build on your current knowledge of the McQuaig profile types and traits. The session will start with sharing your existing adjectives and descriptors for each trait scale. This shared knowledge amongst your peers is valuable when it comes to advanced interpretation. The goal is to have each participant comfortable with viewing an individual’s graph and interpret it without having to read through the interpretation report. This interactive session will have you working in small groups to navigate various scenarios and interactions amongst McQuaig Profile Types!

Upcoming Sessions

North America: 
August 28th

What to expect?

  • checkmark-mcquaigEnhance your understanding of McQuaig profile types and traits through collaborative sharing of adjectives and descriptors
  • checkmark-mcquaigApply your knowledge in practical mini case studies, focusing on advanced interpretation techniques
  • checkmark-mcquaigDevelop proficiency in interpreting McQuaig graphs directly, without relying on interpretation reports

Who should attend?

This module is ideal for those who have earned their McQuaig Certification and have a basic understanding of McQuaig profiles. Those who are looking to deepen their interpretative skills in a collaborative, interactive environment will benefit from this session. 

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